Fine Beers // Gärtringen

Martin Dambach // Ambassador for IPA & Ale

Dear beer lovers,

In my small beer shop in Gärtringen (south of Stuttgart) I sell a collection of very fine german Ales and IPAs. You probably will know IPA beers from America, Britain or other countries. Within the last 5 years a craft beer movement started in Germany. Today you can enjoy fine german IPAs from different, mostly smaller breweries. These beers are not commonly known and difficult to find and to buy.

I offer ca. 300 - 500 beers from 10 - 20 countries, mostly from Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, England, Scottland, Italy, Norway, USA.

Aidlinger Weg 6+8
71116 Gärtingen

Gärtringen is located ca. 25 km south of Stuttgart, directly at the A81 highway and easy to get by public transport S-Bahn: S1. You can taste beers and buy single bottles or whole craddels of german IPAs.

Just send me an email or give me a phonecall, when you want to come. Best time is the evening from 19:00 - to 20:00 o'clock. Delivery of beer to your home is also possible, if you live within my distribution area.

Links with english information about beers and IPAs you can buy at Feine Biere

For more information see german Startpage with beer list. Consider, that sometimes I have more beers available than I have announced on Internet.


Martin Dambach
Aidlinger Weg 8
71116 Gärtringen
Tel.: 07034 - 286257
mobile: 0152 - 28792633
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